The 5Q approach

Incorporates feedback mechanisms in agricultural development projects
to build an evidence base that improves decision-making, adoption, and impact!

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Keep it simple! Ask 5 smart questions!

5Q explores Knowledge, Attitudes, and Skills (KAS) to understand farmers' perceptions.

Knowledge is the first step to adopt a new agricultural innovation. Attitudes towards new practices depend on a combination of the individual’s belief that it will lead to the desired outcome (outcome belief) and the values he or she attributes to those outcomes (social norm). KAS identifies people's perception of a new practice, technology, or service. Understanding cognitive barriers and drivers for adoption is essential for knowledge transfer strategies in agricultural development projects. Skill for subsumption knowledge transfer into farmer practice is the last and main desirable change, and it generally occurs because of previous changes in knowledge, skills, and attitude toward a practice or service.

The 5Q Approach


Question Trees

Simple sets of five questions that query changes in Knowledge, Attitudes, and Skills (KAS) form the basis of the 5Q approach. A logic-question-tree structure is used to keep it simple and smart.


Communication Tools

ICT channels facilitate more cost-effective data collection. Feedback about project success and KAS of beneficiaries is crowd-sourced at a low cost.



Iterative, descriptive analytics from raw data and customizable reports are used to enable fast sharing of insights.



The key to institutionalizing feedback systems is making the results publicly available in real-time. Therefore, quick and easy visualization of changes is used to provide findings for decision-making.

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